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Always a superb service. I am Italian sorry for my not perfect English. Super service, not only for root but also for reinstall Android or recovery a dead phone. Very good service and very patient man. Thanks again.​

​Stefano R.

Best Mobile Technicians In The World!

This was brilliant! After scratching my head at 5am using outdated root guides I found this Website and i'm glad I did! James was patient and extremely helpful with any questions I had. He had multiple ways to deal with any software errors and it was all done remotely via my PC. If you are a technophobe or value your time, this couldn't be easier. Top notch service, will be spreading the word to my friends. Thanks, A+++ Ryan

James is a very knowledgeable technician a Android root & repair expert he knows exactly how to get your phone up and working again as I had bricked my HTC M9 he got my phone back to normal again.

He always gets the job done and there is nobody better if you need your phone fixed this is the guy to do it A+ 5 stars!


Rooting made easy for the Technophobe! 

James is the best at what he does.

I would like to give him a big pat on the back and 2 thumbs up to James for helping me to root my phone . James was very skillful and patient . Give his service a try and you too will be a Happy customer!

​Calvin Knowles

James, breathed new life into my old phone by upgrading me to a higher Android version, allowing my old clunker to run updated versions of apps. It may not last forever, but I think I'll get another year or two out of this old clunker, which makes me very happy.

​Mike Tremblay

Best person alive, helped me with both of my problems for my s5 and s6 to getting them back to normal after i screwed up. He took me through it step-by-step and never left me without an answer. He understands you and will help you in anyway he can and will find the absolute best solution and makes sure it's a trusted solution as well. Again i thank you so much for helping me in this bind and I can't believe the amount of support and service he and this site provides. Please like share & tell everyone you know who has an android about this site, James is such a life saver​.

​Jonathan Kettl

​James is a genius. It took him a few minutes and my phone was rooted and all my problems solved. Thank you James!

Root and Install custom ROM on MOTO X Pure!

Real testimonials by real customers!

Root SM-G920F

Update via custom ROM, HTC Desire 4G

Bricked HTC M9

Root Android made one of the most impossible tasks feasible. They persisted until the phone was finally rooted. Now, I will be able to retrieve all files. Thank you



James has been at this for a while and has always given me good results.


Fixed me up!      HTC One M7

James is the MAN! We had some troubles , but persistence paid off. he finally got tether to work and I'm happy. I had a problem about a month later and he knew just what to do. I think James is the best!


The MAN!

Amazing tech support and i appreciate everything he did for me and my phone he fixed my One Plus One and my HTC M8, as well as explained it and i learned something new along the way i hope the service remains the same- thanks

​Junior R.

James is Awesome!

CyanogenMod  (custom ROM) downloaded a bug littered update on my phone.No problem for James he sorted my HTC M8 out in no time at all. I have & always employed James to fix my phone & i'm not about to stop now. 


CyanogenMod, bug riddled update.

Rooting is easy yea.  Just follow the instructions  --- well  James unbricked my note 10.1 previously, so I went straight back to get my note phone rooted. As with the tablet, it isn’t always straightforward, it doesn’t always go as expected and that’s when watching an expert complete it remotely is worth every penny.  Would recommend to anyone and the $40 is a bargain to avoid the grief of a bricked Android device!



Root Android​

James knows his stuff, simple as that. $40 is a great deal for his expertise. Never any dead-ends or problems. Just gets it done. Thanks! 


James knows what he is doing!

Thanks James for schooling me on the nuances of my smart phones and my Samsung Galaxyy tablet, I now have: Cyanogen Mod 11, beankstalk, and InsireKat ROM v1.3, and a plethora of amazing apps are now at my fingertips for me to explore and utilize. This guy is the pinnacle of professionalism and is extraordinarily patient even with with newbies like myself...he is a veritable oracle of information.... well done!!! This is my fourth time back.


Veritable Oracle of Root and ROM Information.


"Android Root Job"

"James was a perfect gentleman, skilled, knowledgeable and most importantly, patient. He got right to the job at hand and consulted honestly with me regarding any concerns or questions I had. Issues that were out of his control are no worries. He did a great job with an older device andI appreciate him . Much success James, you deserve it man".

"I had screwed up my phone doing some things myself. James did a firmware update to bring it up to code, and rooted it with some apps. Yippee Skippee I'm looking forward to my rooted apps and having my own device again. Thanks really is easy...and fun to watch too! Give 'em a try! You won't be sorry."


Android root and repair

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A huge thank you to James who went above and beyond to help me with my bricked phone. I searched everywhere for help on my phone but not to many people had answers to my questions. James responded right away and got my phone running in no time! I highly recommend this site to anyone with an Android. Thanks a million times over, James!

My Cellcom (Wisconsin) HTC M9 was a beast to unlock. James spent over 3 hours working on it and finally got unlock and root accomplished. You don't find that kind of service these days. I highly recommend James & Root Android Easy

Thanks again James.


Always Easy with James of

James and my bricked phone.

 LG G3 Vigor


Developer edition conversion, root & Android version update.

I am from Italy and it is about the 5th time I ask services from rootandroideasy. And not only for root, but for fix phones, for install apps, and for solve any problem you can have on your phone. It is very profeccional service, any problem, question or necessity I have with a phone I always ask James. Thanks, arrivederci Stefano

Can't describe how great James is​!

Superb service!!!


A big thank you to James for rooting my HTC One M8. Excellent job done! He is the best to root your phone​

​M Phillips


Root HTC M9

James and his Mobile Geek Squad rooted, ROMed, and repaired my Samsung smartphones and tablets since 2012. James and his team are highly trained technicians who deeply care about delivering high-quality workmanship. Their prices are very fair. And their customer service is first-rate. So, NOBODY TOUCHES MY MOBILE DEVICES EXCEPT THE CHAMPS @ Root-Android-Easy.Com!

​                    Preston