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Phone and User Data

More about Phone and User Data

  • Access Address Book
  • Access Phonebook Contacts
  • Access Call Logs
  • Access Message Logs
  • Access Calendar Entries
  • Access Reminders
  • Access Appointments
  • Access Anniversaries

Swift Mobile Spy is software. It isn't a device or gadget and it cannot be seen. You will install Swift Mobile Spy  onto the phone that you want to monitor. We call that phone the "target phone". Nothing needs to be installed on your phone or computer and everything is done via the Internet. Once installed, Swift mobile Spy  is invisible to the user and it works silently in the background, capturing their messages, chats and emails, recording their voice calls, tracking their location and more.

All that information is then sent over the air to a secure web server (the "cloud") where it is encrypted and stored. You can access that information from anywhere in the world using any cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet - even a smart TV - as long as it has internet access and a compatible web browser.

From your web "control panel" you can listen to recorded calls, read messages, chats and emails, access phone and user data, view photos and videos, track the location and movements of the phone and remotely control the target phone. You are able to back that information up, download it, print it, export it, sort it, filter it, archive it and delete it.

3 month subscription

Disclaimer :

Swift mobile Spy App service software is designed for monitoring your children or employees on a Smartphone you own it or have proper consent to monitor. You must notify users of the Mobile phone that they are being monitored by Swift Mobile Spy App service. Failure to do so may result in the breaking of federal and state laws. If you install Swift Mobile Spy service software onto a phone or device which you do not own or have proper consent. We will fully cooperate with law officials to the fullest extent possible. All trademarks on this site are property of their respective owners. Mentioned trademarks are used solely for the purpose of describing Smartphone and carrier compatibility for our mobile phone monitoring software. .

By purchasing this product you assume all responsibility and or liability for any usage or misusage of stated app. You also agree to the following term/terms.

This is a NON-refundable purchase, once the product is purchased a refund will not be issued for any reason. assumes no legal responsibilty or know how of usage of said app. You agree to be held solely legally liable for any actions or state or federal laws or other governing or lawful agency in your country.

Swift Mobile spy ​is a child monitoring software to enable control on child activity over phone. Its advanced monitoring features include child phone monitoring and child phone tracking. This solution is easy to use and its advanced features like it's live panel makes it  the world's most powerful parental monitoring application on the market. It is very handy and has  useful features for  parents to keep watch on their children. It provides live photo, audio, location, SMS command capturing etc. facility.  You  just install the software on your kid's mobile phone or your authorized android mobile phone, and you can SILENTLY learn the truth about their calls, text messages and GPS locations by logging into your registered account from any web browser.

Do you require Text, Calls, Contacts even if your phone gets hardware failure? Does your smartphone lost and want to track it? Use Swift Mobile Spy app. We provide the hottest and most powerful android monitoring software for your security purpose. We have a expert team that provide the best cell phone monitor system for android mobile phone. Main benefit of our mobile phone monitoring software is quick, simple and safe. It's enhanced curbing and tracking system is useful for preventing your android device. 

The online control panel is probably one of the best features of Swift Mobile Spy, and it certainly does separate Swift Mobile Spy from its competitors. Apart from keeping a copy of all captured data, totally encrypted and secure from access by anyone apart from you, it enables you to efficiently and effectively manage the data you have obtained from the target device. You are able to sort, filter, delete, add notes to, and download reports of all data or only selected data. Additionally, you can use the various value added tools like remote commands and control mechanisms to turn target phone features off and on, change Swift Mobile Spy settings and get information on demand. Another very useful feature of the control panel is that is enables you to access captured data from anywhere in the world. Simply log onto the control panel using the web browser of any computer, laptop , tablet or smartphone and view messages, chats, emails, logs, photos, videos or other data captured. Also listen to recorded calls or recorded background audio directly from your computer

6 month subscription

Multimedia Monitoring

More about Multimedia Monitoring

  • View Photos Taken
  • View Photos Shared
  • View Photos Saved
  • View Video Taken
  • View Video Saved

1 Year subscription

Message Monitoring

More about Message Monitoring

  • Read SMS Messages
  • Read Email Messages
  • Read Whatsapp Messages
  • Read BBM Messages
  • Read Facbook Messenger Chats
  • Read Telegram Messages
  • Read WeChat Messages
  • Read VK Chat Messages
  • Read Skype Messages
  • Read Viber Messages

Remote Surveillance

More about Remote Surveillance

  • Listen in to surroundings (live)
  • Record audio of surroundings
  • Records Viber Calls
  • Trigger target to take photos
  • Schedule secrets snapshots
  • Nanny cam mode - secret video
  • Record from mic after calls
  • Record from mic on demand 

Secure online control panel

Location Monitoring

More about Location Monitoring

  • GPS Tracking
  • GSM Cell Tracking
  • Current Location on Demand
  • Current Location via SMS
  • Historical Movements
  • Travel Routes
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Auto Turn GPS on


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Call Monitoring

More about Call Monitoring

  • Records Voice Calls
  • Records Skype Calls
  • Records Viber Calls
  • Call Interception
  • After Call Recording
  • Call Logging
  • Call Notifications

Swift Mobile Spy brings you the best spy app ever! It  turns your phone into a spy phone. Using the phone's video camera and mic you can be like a fly on the wall and be able to observe and listen to conversations and activities surrounding the phone.

Swift Investigations brings you the best spy app ever! It  turns your phone into a spy phone. Using the phone's video camera and mic you can be like a fly on the wall and be able to observe and listen to conversations and activities surrounding the phone.

So, how does it work?

Here's a run-down of OUR MOBILE monitoring capabilities: