You must have a Windows computer, laptop, desktop and or in some cases a Mac is okay as well. Internet access is required as well. You will need a working USB cable that detects the device. The Learn to root  class is by the hour and the appropriate amount of time needed must be considered before purchase. 

Appointments for classes are in CST. Please chat with me before purchasing any of the classes to determine if your device can or cannot be done, if your device cannot be used and you did not contact me prior to purchase you will NOT be refunded and forfeit the right to a refund.

By purchasing any of the above products or class time slots you accept that you fully agree to the terms and requirements set forth.

​All classes  and or products contained on this page are non refundable!

Terms and requirements.

Are you curious about Android root or installing custom roms? Or just want to learn and expand your knowledge and capabilities? With so many online tutorials and videos of how to, yet they are outdated or just completely wrong.

Do you really want to take a chance of losing app data, pictures of loved ones, videos, because you followed some random blog or video on how to root your Android phone or tablet? Things can and do go wrong. 

Learn to Root Android, repair or install a Custom ROM on your Android phone, tablet, smartwatch today. 

I will teach you one on one the steps needed for Android root, repairs or installing a Custom rom.

This includes setting up ADB and fastboot, installing USB drivers, The proper usage and version of Odin if applicable.

You will get a full A-Z course with the device of your choice. 

You can bring your softbricked  Android device here and learn to fix it all by yourself, i will be watching and guiding you live. Or you can bring a unrooted device and we can go from no root to full root. Installing a Custom ROM is a fun experience and worthwhile, why not make your phone look and run as you like, Custom kernels also are available for some ROM's which further enhances the Android root experience.

Why watch videos on you know what site and have questions that go unanswered or get on forums for android devices and while they have guides and the tools, you're left scratching your head, brilliant minds on XDA and Androidforums, but if you're still left with the same results as far as not understanding then time has been lost. Help me help you simplify the overall process

Learn from a pro, with over 13,000 devices done personally by me, you can't go wrong.

Classes are 1 hour minimum and you must contact me prior to purchasing with which device you will have, preferably by the model number, and the class you're interested in.

Learn to root your Android device today, fast, i'll make terms easy to understand and you will in the end have a rooted , Android device to use as the Superuser, install root only apps, flash a custom recovery such as Teamwin or Clockwork Mod, pass Safety net checks using Magisk or use SuperSU. Install Xposed framework and try different modules.

​Please choose the appropriate amount of time you will need to feel comfortable.

Learn to root Android. 

Learn to repair unbrick your Android device.

Learn how to root, repair, or install a Custom rom on your Android device!

Learn how to install custom ROM's

Learn to root Android hourly rates.


$60 USD

Root Android easy