Root Android easy
Custom rom install


Remote root or root + apps

Apps require a rooted android device!


Never lose a file again. Dumpster stores all your deleted items and you have the freedom to make mistakes now. Protect your deleted memories with the never-fail recycle bin.

Drive droid

Flash the custom recovery of your choice without the need for a computer. This app is only for certain devices and will not be installed on non compatible devices.


Block Ads that cover the page or slow down your overall internet experience on your android phone or tablet.

Are you in a bad situation with a bricked Android device? Or do you have a Android device that you want unrooted?. Let our experts remotely fix your bricked Android device or unroot it for you all while you watch our team of Android experts remotely repair or unroot the Android phone, tablet or smart watch from the comfort of your own home.

A easy and reliable solution for all your needs.

Repair Your Bricked Android phone tablet, smart watch or unroot your phone tablet or smart watch.

Android Root service.

Custom rom

Fx file explorer a must have for files!


Save your phone or tablet from running slow or sluggish, Improve battery performance and overall performance of your android device.

Titanium backup

Free your device of unwanted carrier bloatware today using Titanium backup!


Have our Android experts remotely root your phone or tablet today!

Right over the internet using the safest remote connection software available (Teamviewer) Feel free to add our apps bundle 

Only $39.99 or $44.99 for root + apps

Device control

Tweak settings or features within your device.

Apps may not be compatible for all devices! Only compatible apps will be installed.

Quick boot 

Eliminate the need to hold this button and that button while holding power to boot into special modes on your rooted phone or tablet.


Apps Bundle.

A fine compilation of root user apps to enhance your rooted android device.

Unbrick or unroot Android device.

Tired of the same boring look and all the carrier bloatware or a lower Android OS version then other people with newer Android devices? 

Take control of your Android phone, tablet or smart watch and make it look and run like you would want it to. So many options such as Lineage OS, CyanogenMod, Pac Rom, AICP, Resurrection Remix, Weta Rom and many more. 

Let our Android experts help you free your device of it's boring OS and install the latest and greatest custom rom on your device today!

FX file explorer

 DriveDroid allows you to boot your PC from ISO/IMG files stored on your phone.