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About Us

We’re committed to providing a easy way to root your Android phone, tablet or smart watch without all the confusing directions. No more researching for hours and days on sites like XDA Developers or Android Forums. Our techs are certified Android experts with thousands of android phones, tablets and smart watches  rooted, repaired, unrooted or custom roms installed worldwide.

For most people,rooting,repairing a bricked device, unrooting, or installing a custom rom on your tablet or phone is no small task. So, we want make it as easy and convenient as possible. All work is done remotely over the internet using the highly acclaimed remote connection software Teamviewer. Just plug your android  device into your PC and or Mac and let our experts root your device all while you watch from the comfort of your own home. Our experts are waiting to take your Android phone tablet and or smartwatch to the next level and make you the Superuser of your Android device. 

With the amount of experience i have as the owner ( James ) and lead tech i guarantee you we will get the job done right for you! I have years of experience. I have done root, custom rom installs and repairs on thousands of devices personally.

You may know me from  another website that i worked for :)

Doing these various services on android tablets, phones and smart watches is a steep learning curve and not everyone is tech savvy so let's make this easy. We want to make this a pleasant  and hassle free experience for everyone.

Our team of android root experts are ready, are you?