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#10 Block Ads.

Are you tired of all the Ads that fill your screen while browsing  or watching videos on your favorite site? Block these Ads today, root your android phone or other device today and give yourself a better experience today!

#6  Root user apps. thousands of the best apps are available to rooted android tablets, phone and smart watches. Xposed framework + modules lets you tweak your device every which way possible from status bars and Pie control, to navigation bars. Or using your phone as a Wifi hotspot. So many top of the line tweaks to list.

#7 Let's face it a rooted device is more fun then a boring unrooted phone that's like the next guys, and your friends or family will be impressed with it!

#2  You own a older phone or tablet and figure why buy a new phone or tablet when the one you have runs fine but you would like to have the newest features.

By rooting your android device you open the door to a whole new world of options as far as custom rom. You can change your device completely by using the newest android software version or just choose to run a pure android experience.

Top ten reasons to root your Android Phone or tablet.

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#3  Move apps to SD.

Can't install apps due to insufficient storage or just running out of space?

You have an SD card why isn't anything that you want saved to it working?

Solve these issues today by working with our top notch Android experts.

#5  Better battery life and performance.

Is your device running slowly or does the battery go dead and you think to yourself, how can i fix these issues? 

A rooted phone or tablet has a ton of options as far as battery savers and or ways to make your android phone run like it's new. Or you could use a custom kernel to overclock or underclock

#4  ​You accidentally deleted pictures or videos of great importance to you. You can recover  deleted pictures videos etc. With a rooted android device

#9  You would like to use apps made for other android devices such as a HTC app on a Samsung phone or an app from a phone or tablet you like but  can't due to restrictions by the manufacturer. There are a ton of apps ported from android phones or tablets that are rooted, that you can use once you root your phone.

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#1 Remove bloatware, are you tired of all the carrier apps that you are forced to have? You never use them but seem to be stuck without a choice. Free your device of all the carrier bloatware by rooting your android device.

Our  team of Android experts are made up of top-notch talent that is focused on providing you with a professional, Android root, repair or rom install experience for your Android phone or tablet today! 

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Our android root experts are waiting to hear from you. Let's make this  a easy, safe and trustworthy  experience for you today. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns. 

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#8  You are wanting to use an app like Mobispy or Mobistealth to ensure the well being of a loved one or track an employee, but you need to root your phone. No worries we have you covered as far as rooting your android  device. You found the right place :)

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